In Fabula-divino – the anthology

Release Date: March 11.

infabuladivinocoverfinal- med

Table of Contents:

Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta – Sea Dreams
Lily Ariser – A New Ever After
Trudi Canavan – A Good Yarn
A E Decker – In The Wood
Janett L Grady – Stay Out of the Park
Holly Kench – The Secret Life of a Zombie Fan
P J Keuning – Crossroads
S G Larner – Regret
Tony Owens – Digging Out the Ribs of Gold
Joseph W Patterson – Franklin’s Rainbow
Angela Slatter – Dresses, Three
Kaaron Warren – White Bed

Cover by Shauna O’Meara

In March 2009, author and editor Nicole Murphy began the In Fabula-divino project – the aim being to provide up-and-coming authors with their first taste of a professional editing experience, mentor them through the ups and downs of a writing career and give a leg up to some talented writers.

The first few months were crowdfunded via Indiegogo. The first four stories were turned around in just three weeks, undergoing at least three rounds of editing in that time. The later stories were edited over a two month period.

Each story was published online, available for a month here on this very website, before it was replaced by the next fabulous story.

Unfortunately, time and family health issues meant the project couldn’t continue at the standard Nicole had set, and so it was closed down but as per the contract with the authors, the anthology is now available.

Electronic versions can be purchased at Amazon and Smashwords. The physical version will be available in a couple of weeks.

2 thoughts on “In Fabula-divino – the anthology”

  1. Robert Light said:

    When is the physical version going to be released? I am a friend of one of the writers and am looking forward to seeing it.

    • Hi Rob

      thanks for your enthusiasm 🙂

      The physical book will be launched at Conflux 9 next weekend (Sunday 28 April). The physical book will be on sale not long after that.

      All the best


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