In fabula-divinos (Latin for The tale-tellers) is the beginning of a project that is aimed at helping new and up-coming writers access the guidance and experience of an established writer.

Each month, a writer that has yet to have a professional sale will be chosen by writer and editor Nicole Murphy. Nicole will work with the writer on their story to polish it to the highest possible standard. At the end of the month, the story will be published on this website, where it will be available for free for the world to see before a new story replaces it.

At the end of twelve months, all the stories (plus a story by Nicole and stories by two special guest writers) will be collected and published both electronically and in print form. Sales of the anthology will hopefully fund the next year of this website.

Each author will be paid $100 for the publication of their story, plus they will receive royalties of sales of the anthology once the costs of the next year of the project have been covered. That on top of three weeks of intensive, one-on-one support from an experienced author and editor will make this a valuable experience for any writer.

Currently, Nicole is attempting to crowd-source the funding for In fabula-divinos. It is hoped that she the project will open to submissions April 1 and that the first story will be published May 1. Submission guidelines will be available March 25.

If you’re interested in helping support this endeavour, you can email or visit