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One of the things Holly asked me about was critiquing and writers groups. I think they’re a great idea. My local group, the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild, has been a big part of my own success and there are some incredible writers there that I get to work with.

One of the great things CSFG do is publish awesome anthologies, and it’s time for the next one! So here are the guidelines:

CSFG’s next anthology will be the next anthology.

Submissions are open from 20 May to 15 October 2012.

The theme for the anthology will be ‘next‘.

Sequence. Succession. Cause and effect. Show us what happened. next.

next suggests ‘change’, perhaps, but it doesn’t have to invoke change, it can simply be an account of cause-and-effect. Maybe there’ll be some stories where it’s the absence of change, the sense of inevitability, that gives the story its terrible power and its resonance. But it may also inspire stories of a rite-of-passage; of invention and exploration; of the testing and transgression of boundaries; stories laden with doom or hope or just the inevitability of inescapable repetition. Yup, this theme is a theme for all seasons; it’s a cut and come again theme that can mean pretty much whatever people want it to mean.

We think there’s a lot of scope for a variety of interesting stories – and we’re sure that it will inspire stories in every genre.

Submissions are open to Australian writers of all levels of experience, with special encouragement given to CSFG members. All approaches to the theme are welcome, as long as they are by nature speculative.

Your editors,
Simon Petrie and Rob Porteous

The Details

Length: Stories may be any length up to 5,000 words.

Payment: A copy of the print version of the anthology plus $30 (a copy and $10 for stories under 1,500 words, based on published word count).

Submission rules: Submissions are open to Australian writers. Electronic submissions only. Multiple submissions (up to 3 per author) are OK; simultaneous submissions and reprints are not.

Submission format: Please make sure that the following information is in the body of your covering email:
Author’s Name
Email address
Name of Story
Author’s byline, as you would like it to be published
Word Count
Other contact information

Your email should have the subject line: “next submission: [your story title]“

Attach your story in .rtf format only. Do not put your name in the file title of your .rtf attachment, or anywhere in the document itself. Submissions will be read blind, so please make life easy for our slush wrangler.

Submit to: Submissions should be sent (as .rtf attachments only) to next.anthology@gmail.com.

Rights: If your story is selected, we will be seeking assignment of First English Anthology Rights, First World Anthology Rights, and First Electronic Rights for publication in the English language. We’d like an exclusive licence to print, publish and sell your work (story or artwork) for one year from the date of first publication. We will use your work only in the print and e-book versions of the anthology and re-printings of the anthology.

Artwork: The cover of the anthology will be commissioned. However, if you wish to contribute to the interior artwork, please contact next.anthology@gmail.com.