First, there’s the name. Some feedback led me to understand that In fabula-divinos wasn’t a good enough translation of ‘The tale-tellers’ so it’s being adjusted. Goodbye s. Hello slightly better translation 🙂

Second, I’m changing the process a little. I’ve been back at full-time work for five and a half weeks now and while I can fit the editing and mentoring work in, it makes me feel rushed and a bit stressed and I don’t like that.

From now on, there will be two months between submitting a story and it being published. This is going to give me the ability to do all the thinking and editing on weekends, so I can relax, take my time and do a better job with the stories. Also, the authors can have more time and we can do more editorial passes if needed to get a story as right as possible.

It also means I’ll have more time to blog here – sorry about it being so quiet this month.

In the short term, the people who will most be impacted by this MAY be you readers, because I’m not going to have a story ready to publish September 1. The story I choose from the next round (opening in three days) will not be published until October 1. I do, however, have some ideas running around in my head and I’m hoping that actually a story will appear on the website at that time.

So, that’s where we’re at moving forward with In fabula-divino. In the meantime, the finishing touches have been put on Joseph’s story and I’m looking forward to showing it to you all on August 1.