With the change of going from one month to two for working on a story, I found myself in the situation of wondering – what will I do for September? I won’t have a story ready. Put one of my stories up? Beg a story from a friend?

Then I realised the universe was truly smiling on me because this was the perfect situation to re-visit the story I really wanted but ultimately rejected last month. So I contacted the author and luckily she hadn’t sold it elsewhere, so I snapped it up.

So I’m utterly delighted to announce that the September In fabula-divino story will be ‘Regret’, by SG Larner.

This story entranced me the moment I read it. The idea is so simple yet so compelling and it’s beautifully written. Very little editing required, however SG has already started bombarding me with questions about the craft and the industry so don’t worry – she’s getting her money’s worth. Actually, my money’s worth, since she’s the one who gets paid 🙂

I have also chosen the story that I’ll be publishing in October but until that author responds, I will say no more. I’m looking forward to having two months to work with an author, getting more in depth with the story and really pushing writer and story to the limit.