So here’s another lesson in persistence – yet again, I’ve chosen a story that was previously submitted and rejected.

Some stories instantly grab, such as S.G. Larner’s story ‘Regret’, which will be published in September. Some take a few minutes to take hold, such as Joseph W Patterson’s ‘Franklin’s Rainbow‘.

Then there are the stories that you don’t realise have grabbed you until you go back, and you start reading again and there’s a familiarity and comfort that allows you to relax into the story and so it reaches you.

When I started reading the October story with the other submissions on Sunday, I had that immediate feeling of comfort. I know this story. I quite liked it before – will I still like it?

I did, and with the benefit of time, with that story having never fully left my subconcious, I could also see the path that needed to be taken to ensure that the story is at its best.

So the story you’ll be reading in October is ‘In the Woods’ by A.E. Decker and here’s the cool thing – it’s a fairytale re-telling! I love a good fairytale re-telling, and in this story we have the modernisation of one of the most famous fairytale scenes. No, I’m not going to say more than that 😉

The interesting thing with this story is that the protagonist is off-screen the entire time – the action within the story is being perpetrated on the antagonist by a puppet. So the secret that the author and I are working on to start with is making the motivation and actions of that protagonist clear, even though the reader never sees them.

I’m really looking forward to polishing this story – I think a lot of people are going to enjoy it.