I’m very sorry to have to announce that I’m closing In fabula-divino.

When I made the decision to go ahead with my idea to get back into editing and marry it with mentoring new writers, my life was very different. A few weeks later, a terrible injury befell one of my family.  I still thought I’d be fine to pursue this project because the damage done was minimal and it would be a quick recovery. However the recovery is taking much longer and is more difficult than first thought and I can no longer put the time or money into this project.

I will not be accepting any more stories for publication. The story I’m currently working on for December will be the last. I will be putting together the anthology with the eight stories I have published, plus some stories from friends. I’ll be putting that together January/February to publish in March, and then the project will be at an end.

In a perfect world I’d keep going, because I’m loving the experience, but the time and money is an issue – I’m not making a cent from this project and never will. All the money goes to the authors.

I wish you all the best in your writing dreams.