It makes me sad to type that 😦

But I am happy to be able to tell you about the last of the In Fabula-divino stories – A New Every After by Lily Ariser.

As you can probably guess from the title, this is another fairy-tale story although not a retelling as much as an examination and celebration of some of the tropes of the genre, with a generous hat-tip to J M Barrie.

Lily Ariser is the pen name of a Year 11 student and that’s what caused me to choose this story over another. I was tossing and turning between two stories that both dealt with similar topics and had a similar energy that really attracted me, but the fact that Lily was showing all this promise when she was so young was what won me in the end.

Lily has hammered me with questions and it’s been awesome – she’s asked me about things that I hadn’t really thought about and made me articulate ideas I’d only semi-considered, so it feels like I’ve got as much out of the process as she has.

I’m really happy to be bringing Lily’s story to you on December 1. Hopefully her story won’t be the very last In Fabula-divino story and I’ll be able to start up again one day but for now, I’m glad we’re ending with ‘A New Ever After’.