The stories are all with the typesetter. I’ve taken a look at her suggestions for fonts and so on and picked a header font for the title of each story that fits beautifully with the cover, I think.

Of course, as it always the case in publishing, things never go to plan – in this case, the moment I was ready to send to her was the moment that Queensland nearly got washed away in the floods and she was without power for several days.

But the pages will soon be ready, and being sent to the authors to proof. I’ll also have to see if I can sweettalk some friends into proofing the entire thing from beginning to end because no WAY can I do it – I know it too well.

The cover is also coming along. Blurb is done, and looks fabulous. We’re just waiting on the typesetting to confirm the number of pages in the book, and then it will be tweaked and done.

Then off to the printer, to have a printed proof returned to look at and make sure it’s all come together properly. And then – March 11, the launch!

In the meantime, I”m being kept busy – I’ve had a new book come out, just yesterday. It’s my debut novel in the genre of contemporary romance – a bit of a challenge, but lots of fun.

So if you like romance, check it out:

Arranged To Love_sml