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infabuladivinocoverfinal- medTime is ticking. Currently it’s days. Then it will be hours and finally, IT WILL BE HAPPENING!

The launch party for In Fabula-divino will be taking place online at three different times in three different locations – you can pick and choose how you participate, but participate you should because it’s going to be fun!

The times (All Australian Eastern Daylight Savings):

Sunday 10 March – 2pm-4pm
Sunday 10 March – 8pm-10pm
Monday 11 March – 10am-12pm

The places:

This blog
Twitter (@infabuladivinos)
Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/InFabulaDivinos?ref=hl)

The activities:

On the blog – There will be a 24 hour writing challenge, with a prize of a signed physical copy of the anthology (signed by Nicole) and publication on this website (becoming an honourary In Fabula-divino story, if you will). You’ll have to write a 2000 word story. The catch – there’s going to be a secret ‘thing’ to put in the story, which won’t be revealed until 2pm Sunday. You can try pre-writing the story, but it may well be harder to edit the ‘thing’ in than writing from spec πŸ™‚

On the blog – Giveaways. Every hour during the three time periods a question will be posed. Answer the question and you’ll have the chance to win an electronic copy of In Fabula-divino the anthology!

On Twitter and Facebook – The Treasure Hunt. Questions will be posed – some worth one point (answers able to be found on the internet), some worth two points (answers only to be found if you’ve got a copy of the anthology). Opens 2pm Sunday, closes 2pm Monday. The highest score will win a signed copy of the anthology (signed by Nicole) and a poster of the cover art.

And there could be other as yet unthought of fun happening, so make sure you are following the blog and us on either Facebook or Twitter so you don’t miss out!