So I’ve not managed to give away ANY of the copies of In Fabula-divino – maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope people are beavering away on their stories and gathering the answers in the treasure hunt.

In this two hour block –

  • We sold another two books on Amazon and one at Smashwords, taking the total to five.
  • Another five sets of questions went out on the Treasure Hunt.
  • I made a weird video

I wasn’t supposed to be weird – I thought it would be fun to film myself reading some of the stories, but as I was getting ready I decided to make myself up as if I were dead (cause there’s a lot of death in the story) and then once I saw how cool I looked dead, well weird things started happening in my head.

So consider this inspired by the stories of In Fabula-divino rather than being about the stories per say.

The video