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infabuladivinocoverfinal- medWant your very own physical, signed by the editor copy of In Fabula-divino and to be published on the website here for a month, just like a REAL In Fabula-divino story? But, you know, without the professional payment and with minimal editing…

Regardless of where you are in your writing career, you’re invited to take part in the challenge. You’ve got until 2pm tomorrow (Monday March 11, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time) to write a 2000 word maximum speculative fiction story.

Nicole will choose her favourite to go on the website and win a copy of the book.

Want to get an inside track of the type of story Nicole likes to publish? BUY THE BOOK! (Amazon, Smashwords).

Here’s the catch – the story must contain the following element:

Setting – a cave.

If you’re clever, you can work that into a previously written story, otherwise – you need to start writing and you need to do it now!

When you’re ready, email your entry (within the body of the email, no attachments) before 2pm tomorrow to infabuladivinos at gmail dot com.

The winner will be announced next weekend and will be published on Sunday 17 March for a month.