I’ve taken In Fabula-divino author Holly Kench up on the challenge to write a humourous, zombie flash fiction story for her competition. And to show our challenge isn’t that hard either, I’ve set it in a cave!


Don’t mind the smell, by Nicole Murphy

It’s dark inside a cave.

That’s the only excuse I’ve got. Honestly, it FELT like Stephen. It smelt like him too – sad but true.

So I grabbed what I thought was Stephen’s head, kissed him and thought he tasted a little more – musty – than usual.

He moaned and I smiled, cause honestly Stephen is so easy to get going. That and the… dimensions of his erection are why I put up with the smell.

When I put my hand on the front of his trousers and felt nothing, I was miffed enough to pull his waistband out, shove my hand down and grab him.

It came off – IN MY HAND.

My horror gave the zombie the moment it was looking for. It grabbed my head in a horrible parody of the passion I’d just shone and planted its mouth on mine.

It bit my lip, hard, then tore at it. That flood of pain woke me up and I twisted away and escaped.

Stephen and I have hooked up in that cave loads of times, so I know it pretty well and was able to get out quickly.

Fuck only knows if the zombie is still there. I hope not. Once my lip heals, I’m going to want to go back there with Stephen.

What do you mean, where is Stephen? How should I know? He didn’t turn up at the cave. The zombie was waiting for me…

Oh. No wonder I didn’t mind the smell.


I hope you’ll all take up Holly’s challenge, and ours as well!