All right – everyone on Facebook and Twitter have the questions, now it’s your turn, blog readers!

Here’s the rules:

  • Questions marked a) are worth one point, questions marked b) are worth two points.
  • You’ve got until 2pm today (just under two hours away) to email your answers to infabuladivinos at gmail dot com
  • The first person to send in an entry with the highest score will win…

A signed print edition of the anthology and an A3 poster of the cover!

Here’s the questions – get searching!


a) How many cities has Kaaron Warren lived in?

b) What does the main character see roasting on a BBQ in Kaaron Warren’s ‘White Bed’?


a) What’s the name of Tony Owens’ circus-themed story in Issue 169 of Antipodean SF? 

b) Which room number is particularly significant in ‘Digging Out the Ribs of Gold’?


a) What does Joseph W. Patterson have on his shoulder in his twitter pic? 

b) What is the last color of ‘Franklin’s Rainbow’?


a) In Fabula-divino is the third anthology to come out of eMergent Publishing’s community publishing partnership program. Name one other anthology? 

b) eMergent Publishing, In Fabula-divino’s publishing partner is based in which Australian city?


a) Which In Fabula-divino author is still in high school?

b) What is the name of the character who turns into a frog in ‘A New Ever After’?


a) What’s the name of the publishing project Holly Kench is involved in? 

b) What weapons do Harper and Ellie have in ‘The Secret Life of a Zombie Fan’?


a) Where do Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta live? 

B) What song is ‘Sea Dreams’ inspired by?


a) What is the title of the story Janett L Grady published in The Western Online? 

b) What’s the name of the park Sam visits in ‘Stay Out of the Park’?


A) What is the name of SG Larner’s blog? 

b) What nickname do the students give the regret in ‘Regret’?


a) Which major award did Angela Slatter win in 2012? 

b) What are the dresses made out of in ‘Dresses, Three’?


A) Which successful Kickstarter project is AE Decker going to be published with? 

b) Which farmers market was Snow supposed to be visiting in ‘In the woods’?


a) What’s the name of the workshop PJ Keuning will be teaching at Conflux 9? 

b) What’s the name of the demon slayer Melville faces in ‘Crossroads’?


a) What is Trudi Canavan’s current work in progress? 

b) What does the yarn smell like to the narrator in ‘The Boyfriend Sweater’?


A) What is the title of Nicole Murphy’s latest novel published?

b) Where and when did Nicole write the introduction to ‘In Fabula-divino’?


a) Illustrator Shauna O’Meara is also a writer. What’s the name of the story she had published in Midnight Echo? 

b) The top leaf of the cover illustration reads ‘Only dead people know for sure’ – which story in the book is this line from?