Print copies now on sale in Australia!

0070fb14847111e28dc722000a1fbcbc_7You can buy your print copy of In Fabula-divino direct from the publisher, eMergent Publishing, here –

Sales in bookstores such as Amazon and Book Depository are on the way for the internationals to get at a cheaper price! Announcements will be made when they’re ready.

In Fabula-divino – launch 2

Next Sunday, the physical version of In Fabula-divino will be launched at Conflux 9, the 52nd Australian National Science Fiction Convention (which, co-incidentally, I’m co-chairing).

Take eight authors, work them like they’ve never been worked before and what do you get?

Working for the devil, running from zombies, talking your way out of a throat slashing…

The In Fabula-divino project – eight months of mentoring, editing and publishing.

Those eight stories are joined by four tales from some of the biggest names in speculative fiction: Kevin J Anderson & Rebecca Moesta, Trudi Canavan, Angela Slatter and Kaaron Warren.

You’ll be entranced, entertained and inspired.

And maybe even find your own halo…

With original stories by:

  • Holly Kench
  • Tony Owens
  • Lily Ariser
  • Joseph W Patterson
  • Janett L Grady
  • SG Larner
  • AE Decker
  • PJ Keuning

To be launched by Russell Kirkpatrick at 11am, Sunday April 28 at Conflux 9, Rydges Capital Hill, Canberra.

Lucky door prize on offer for someone, plus the opportunity to buy one of the prettiest books you’ll ever see.

In Fabula-divino Blog Hop

The fabulous In Fabula-divino authors have taken it upon themselves to organise a blog hop! They’re taking turns interviewing each other and posting extracts of their stories.

Organising their own publicity! I’m so proud (wipes tear from eye).

From 9am today (ei in about 45 minutes) you can find them in the following locations:

Holly Kench is hosting SG Larner and Lily Ariser at

SG Larner is hosting AE Decker and Tony Owens at

AE Decker is hosting PJ Keuning and Joseph W Patterson at

PJ Keuning is hosting Holly Kench at

Follow them around the circle, learning more about these fabulous authors and their great stories and fall in love with In Fabula-divino 🙂


About being mentored


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Following Kaaron Warren’s post on mentoring last week, one of her mentees, Jo Anderton, now talks about her side of the process.


TheBoneChimeSong-Cover-193x300I am extremely grateful to my mentors — Kaaron Warren, who mentored me through the AHWA program, and Marianne de Pierres whose mentorship has been informal, but invaluable.

Kaaron and I worked through short stories together, and I can’t tell you how useful her advice has been. I’m a big fan of her work (who isn’t?) not only because her stories are awesome, but because I’ve always felt a kind of connection to them. Her imagery and voice really speak to me, and I think this was a big part of why it worked so well to have her as my mentor.

I met Marianne through the Orbit manuscript development program and we have stayed in contact since. I can quite honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Her advice helped strengthen Debris, then she pointed me in the right direction and gave me a little shove — ultimately leading to it’s publication with Angry Robot Books.

These women are remarkably generous with their time and expertise, from working on individual stories to providing larger-picture career advice. To me, they are quintessential role models: women who have walked a path that I am keen to follow. They have given me confidence and direction when I needed it most, and they continue to inspire me.


Jo Anderton photoJoanne Anderton lives in Sydney with her husband and too many pets. By day she is a mild-mannered marketing coordinator for an Australian book distributor. By night, weekends and lunchtimes she writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Her short story collection The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories will be published by Fablecroft Publishing in April 2013. Her debut novel, Debris was published by Angry Robot Books in 2011, followed by Suited in 2012. Debris was shortlisted for the Aurealis award for Best Fantasy Novel, and the Ditmar for Best Novel. Joanne won the 2012 Ditmar for Best New Talent.

About mentoring



In Fabula-divino guest writer, friend and INCREDIBLE AMAZING author Kaaron Warren is a great advocate of mentoring, having been a mentor herself. Here, she talks about some of the aspects of mentoring she loves.


000slightsI’ve mentored writers through the Australian Horror Writers Association Mentor program and through the JUMP Program. Both have been hugely satisfying and challenging.

The AHWA is a short term mentoring, where we take three stories and work together for four or so months through various drafts, hoping to find publication at the end.

Joanne Anderton, a mentee one year, has done really well, publishing two novels with Angry Robot, a collection of short stories from Fablecroft Press, and winning a tonne of awards. I’m not claiming to have made any of that happen, but I think we worked together at a time when Joanne needed that final push to believe in herself and to continue in her endeavours.

I also worked with AJ Spedding, who has sold a tonne of stories and edited Midnight Echo, the AHWA magazine.

This year, I have two mentees, both of whom are writing original, disturbing and very clever stories.

The JUMP program is much longer term, lasting most of a year. Kimberley Gaal and I worked together on her novel, and writing processes, and being on panels, and meeting other writers, and many other things.  Her novel is almost complete, and I have great hopes for this book and for all the books she’ll write in the future. She has a bright, distinctive and intelligent voice and I loved working with her to develop it.

Being a mentor is a very positive endeavour. It takes a lot of effort and time, often far more than I originally committed to, but I don’t  give a moment grudgingly. I’m learning, too, the more I spend time with these writers who are honing their craft. I’m learning about my own writing, and about opening my eyes to other ways of achieving a fiction goal.

I received very little encouragement as a young writer, and I wish that I’d had someone believe in me. I want to give other people that belief; I want to support people who are early in their careers, at the time when you are filled with the most self-doubt. A lot of being a mentor is answering emails at midnight, and also suggesting good markets and editors. Thinking about the places the writing will be best appreciated. I’m no expert, but I know a lot more now than I did 20 years ago when I published my first story.

A mentorship is a partnership, and one I cherish.


JUMP Mentoring, Australia Council


The Australian Society of Authors

Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards 

British Council’s Realise Your Dream program


Writing Australia

The Australian Writers’ Marketplace

The Australian Writers’ Guild


Kaaron Warren has lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Fiji, She’s sold many short stories, three novels (the multi-award-winning SlightsWalking the Tree and Mistification) and four short story collections. Two of her collections have won the ACT Publishers’ and Writers’ Award for fiction, and her most recent collection, Through Splintered Walls, won a Canberra Critic’s Circle Award for Fiction. Her stories have appeared in Australia, the US, the UK and elsewhere in Europe, and have been selected for both Ellen Datlow’s and Paula Guran’s Year’s Best Anthologies.

She was shortlisted for a Bram Stoker Award for “All You Can Do is Breathe”, and is Special Guest at the Australian National Science Fiction Convention in Canberra 2013.

You can find her at and she Tweets @KaaronWarren

The launch is done

infabuladivinocoverfinal- medThanks everyone who came along and joined in the fun. It was great!

In the past 22 hours, we have:

In between all that, there’s been lots of PR stuff done, such as…

  • media releases sent out
  • blogs sent out (and one uploaded already)
  • A Goodreads giveaway set up (just waiting on approval)

And the authors have played along too:

And now – here’s hoping the anthology continues to sell and that it finds many happy homes. You can find to buy links on the right.

All the best


Re-posting – Short Story Challenge

If you’ve not started yet – you’ve got 1hr 45 minutes…

Want your very own physical, signed by the editor copy of In Fabula-divino and to be published on the website here for a month, just like a REAL In Fabula-divino story? But, you know, without the professional payment and with minimal editing…

Regardless of where you are in your writing career, you’re invited to take part in the challenge. You’ve got until 2pm tomorrow (Monday March 11, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time) to write a 2000 word maximum speculative fiction story.

Nicole will choose her favourite to go on the website and win a copy of the book.

Want to get an inside track of the type of story Nicole likes to publish? BUY THE BOOK! (AmazonSmashwords).

Here’s the catch – the story must contain the following element:

Setting – a cave.

If you’re clever, you can work that into a previously written story, otherwise – you need to start writing and you need to do it now!

When you’re ready, email your entry (within the body of the email, no attachments) before 2pm tomorrow to infabuladivinos at gmail dot com.

The winner will be announced next weekend and will be published on Sunday 17 March for a month.

The Treasure Hunt

All right – everyone on Facebook and Twitter have the questions, now it’s your turn, blog readers!

Here’s the rules:

  • Questions marked a) are worth one point, questions marked b) are worth two points.
  • You’ve got until 2pm today (just under two hours away) to email your answers to infabuladivinos at gmail dot com
  • The first person to send in an entry with the highest score will win…

A signed print edition of the anthology and an A3 poster of the cover!

Here’s the questions – get searching!


a) How many cities has Kaaron Warren lived in?

b) What does the main character see roasting on a BBQ in Kaaron Warren’s ‘White Bed’?


a) What’s the name of Tony Owens’ circus-themed story in Issue 169 of Antipodean SF? 

b) Which room number is particularly significant in ‘Digging Out the Ribs of Gold’?


a) What does Joseph W. Patterson have on his shoulder in his twitter pic? 

b) What is the last color of ‘Franklin’s Rainbow’?


a) In Fabula-divino is the third anthology to come out of eMergent Publishing’s community publishing partnership program. Name one other anthology? 

b) eMergent Publishing, In Fabula-divino’s publishing partner is based in which Australian city?


a) Which In Fabula-divino author is still in high school?

b) What is the name of the character who turns into a frog in ‘A New Ever After’?


a) What’s the name of the publishing project Holly Kench is involved in? 

b) What weapons do Harper and Ellie have in ‘The Secret Life of a Zombie Fan’?


a) Where do Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta live? 

B) What song is ‘Sea Dreams’ inspired by?


a) What is the title of the story Janett L Grady published in The Western Online? 

b) What’s the name of the park Sam visits in ‘Stay Out of the Park’?


A) What is the name of SG Larner’s blog? 

b) What nickname do the students give the regret in ‘Regret’?


a) Which major award did Angela Slatter win in 2012? 

b) What are the dresses made out of in ‘Dresses, Three’?


A) Which successful Kickstarter project is AE Decker going to be published with? 

b) Which farmers market was Snow supposed to be visiting in ‘In the woods’?


a) What’s the name of the workshop PJ Keuning will be teaching at Conflux 9? 

b) What’s the name of the demon slayer Melville faces in ‘Crossroads’?


a) What is Trudi Canavan’s current work in progress? 

b) What does the yarn smell like to the narrator in ‘The Boyfriend Sweater’?


A) What is the title of Nicole Murphy’s latest novel published?

b) Where and when did Nicole write the introduction to ‘In Fabula-divino’?


a) Illustrator Shauna O’Meara is also a writer. What’s the name of the story she had published in Midnight Echo? 

b) The top leaf of the cover illustration reads ‘Only dead people know for sure’ – which story in the book is this line from?

Last part of the launch begins!



So here we are, in the final two-hour stretch. After last night’s shenanigans  who knows what will happen today?

There is one thing I am really, REALLY hoping will happen – that the postman will be on time (or even a bit early) and I can show you the physical copy of In Fabula-divino. I’m so excited!

In the meantime, I want to giveaway heaps of electronic copies of In Fabula-divino today, so say ‘hay’ in the comments to win!

Two deadlines today:

2pm – the short story challenge closes

2pm – final entries in the Treasure Hunt due

Hope you’re working hard on those!