Submission Guidelines


9 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines”

  1. Hello, Nicole
    This sounds like a great service. I’m wondering about your definition of professional sale?

    • Hi Jo-ann

      As stated above: For the purposes of this exercise, a professional sale equates to either being paid more than 5c per word for a short story sale, or having sold a novel to a publisher. Size of publisher doesn’t matter. Self-publishing does not equal a professional sale. We welcome and encourage writers who are yet to be paid for their writing to submit.

      The 5c limit is based on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America definition of a professional sale and as SFFWA is the biggest and best SF writing organisation in the world, I thought it best to follow their lead.

      The novel thing is my own thought. Having a publisher, regardless of the size, choose to publish a novel of yours shows a pretty good level of writing ability. I want to help folks get to that level.

      All the best


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